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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

A design for the Cranium Wow loves contest.

This design isn't supposed to have a defined message- it's open to interpretation. I named it 'Power Such As This' as a relation to the monstery creatures with their small brains admiring the size and potential of the human brain. It was also a link hinting at the complexity and power of a human brain, even though we only use a fraction of it in our lifetimes.

Uses 8 colours plus the shirt colours. I think i'll post a link to a bigger image as well- just to get a good look at all those smaller details.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


polynothing profile pic Alumni

$5 Sweet colors!

beesneak profile pic Alumni

f-ya 5$

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

BRAIN power!!!! nice one WB!!! i wish to see a PRINT from u soon!!! 5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's funny cause it's true.

Oh wait, that has NOTHING to do with this design. I still like the creatures and colors tho. so that's true.

Savage Companion

I love this design although I was a bit disappointed when I learned that they're in awe over a human brain. Like even alien monster dudes think we're the shit.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni
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amazing line work and excellent halftones get a 5 from me

zipperking profile pic Alumni

Dear Threadless,
Please print WanderingBert. Thank you.

olie! profile pic Alumni

I like the ghosts, or spirits or whatever those hairy things are. They're pretty cool. I might think about taking the halftone aura off around the ghosts and maybe even the brain, too.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

the colors don't work for me, they feel too muddy and muted, but your wackiness and creativity always inspire. Nice composition as well. 4.

dacat profile pic Alumni

oh man, I love those colors, not what you see in most subs these days. Very cool $5


so hot!


I love it..

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

This will print. $5


A little odd, but cool.
And just to let you know, my neuroscience teacher told our class that we actually use the majority of our brains quite often, despite evidence to the contrary - I'm looking in your direction Paris Hilton/Jessica Simpson/Ryan Seacrest...
So we actually use the whole thing you so colorfully represented on your shirt!! Pretty sweet, right?

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

lol @ this person^


I really like it :)

WanderingBert profile pic Artist

Damn, what's with the score votards?

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