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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

You're just in time as Fat Pigeon and Frickinawesome welcome you to the sloppy celebration! A few digital friends decided to get together and have a good-natured contest on who could get the high-score for biggest party animal. Remember, any video game characters or situations seen in this submission are figments of your imagination. Your very precise, astute and dead-on imagination.

bsweber profile pic Alumni

hah, nice work guys! $5

Jemae profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

like i said before .. this is great idea! nice twist for the trademark issue! genius! good luck, guys! 5! :)

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

subliminal aweseomness.

good luck collab dudes $5 as always for teh mind of teh FrickinAwesome/Fat Pigeon

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

this is really funny! very nice detail work on the food. good luck guys! i hope this does well :-)

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice work guys!

OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

awesome collab. like it a lot!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Thanks for the thoughts so far guys!

Rave Dave: We were thinking about doing exactly what you said for the tablecloth, but we didn't wanna overdo the concept. But in retrospect, you are probably right. Something that could be easily corrected if this gets selected for printage.

And thanks a ton benlee for the 0$...It's like a bizarro world score come to life!


Itzzzzzza party!

I love it.


This is wonderful.

The only thing that is bothering me a little is the yellow around the cupcake. I'm sure it's supposed to be a glow radiating from the candle, but I think it would look better in a less rigid shape. It might just look square to me because of the tablecloth's lines though.


Funny, guys! :)

melh696 profile pic Alumni

great idea! awesome for the competition.


ravedave is spot on. still, a fun design.

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

Great design guys, good looking pizza pac you got there.

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone.

HeroStatus- That is Qbert.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Nice collab FP and FM! I will join this collab club soon!

renfrue profile pic Alumni

poop on frigg!


fantastic imagery!

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and collab, $5

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni



I agree with the table being a bit busy, but I like it nonetheless. I love the way you handled the copyrighted character issue.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Can the tableclothpattern sort of...go with the folds? It's probably already been said. I'm too tired to look.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I realize tableclothpattern isn't a word. I was too tired to press the space bar I suppose.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

ahah nice Frickinawesome! what a pleasure to comment your design :-)

first, i think that ravedave said a lot of interesting things. I mean, the characters in the backgroubnd are not necessary IMO, the perspective chosen is perhaps not the most clever, i mean, if we saw just the table from a upper view, in 2D, and more stuff on the table with your same concept, (the feets of the table disappear also), and a good maze for the tablecloth. i am not sure about the color of the tee shirt too.

BUT, with a few corrections, this could be a really excellent design! so i give you a 4 that you could turn into a 5$ with corrections.

anyway, i'm happy to comment your design again, as you always take your time to explain your point of view on other designs. see you!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Thanks again for the great comments guys!

Jebs, I really aprreciate the time you spend on feedbacks for my collabs as well! Yeah, the 2-d style without the figures could have worked too, which would have REALLY nailed the tablecloth-pacman maze idea home.

I really like what Fat Pigeon did with the concept tho, and his style for this is unmistakenly cool. But after your and RaveDave's crtiques of this design, I would DEF like to change a few things. O well, we'll see how it scores and if FP wants to devote more time to it. Thanks again my man for the insight!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

good luck for the score dude ;-)

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

1.8 is my guess for the score.

ladyshampoo profile pic Alumni

Ahahahaha... ^^

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

looks great!

i'd kinda prefer to have just the pizza and pepperonis though, to me that is the most solid and funny part of the design

Montro profile pic Alumni


fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Sorry to disappoint you FA. I really didn't deliver with this one.


i actually think the art is the best part here fat pigeon

no offense to frickinawesome

but idk why there are those characters in the back really... i think the pacman image could stand alone

still bs score though that sucks

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Wow....this is a horrendously low score.

FP, it was a rushed job, we made choices based on that and we did our best. It's totally not your fault.

Brandon, there is no need to poke fault at one party on this design or the other. You and I don't agree on what makes a good design on this site barely ever anyway, as you ridiculously cannot understand how slogans are art, but some people enjoyed the characters behind the table and some didn't...FP wanted to put some silhouettes behind the table and I agree with him that it was a good idea, and he did the best he could based on trademark limitations. So please don't come on here singling out someone on a collaborative effort- it only makes you look foolish.

Thanks all who supported this design!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

i'm sorry for you too :////

i think ravedave said it all...people votes without looking properly at the designs in general...and i guess that often, it's a wrong process...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Thanks a bunch guys. Yeah, i think a more than few people didn't take the time to look at the subliminal nature of what is going on in this scene, but perhaps like a lot of you said, we made the table a bit too cluttered. Maybe we'll re-submit someday sands the characters with a redesigned table. Thanks so much again for your support and critiques rave and jebs.

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