Pour Me A Drink: Visions of a drunkard

Design by RazCity

Pour Me A Drink: Visions of a drunkard by RazCity on Threadless
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RazCity profile pic Artist

pink elephants, a luchador with speaker eyes requesting another drink. Sounds like your average weekend party. On a burgundy Shirt.


This is dope :)

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

oh man, i sort of just want that pink elephant with the intestinal trunk on a shirt, but the whole thing is cool too.


yeah I like them both, they could work together as separate designs or a freaky whole. Nice style


lol elephetestines.

RazCity profile pic Artist

I was thinking about using them as separate illustrations, don't know how that would work here on threadless if they're presented here together and if subbing them as separate illustrations would be approved or declined.
Though the initial idea was to have them together as a single illustration. I think they work better together than separate.


parasitemite on Sep 30 '08: elephetestines $4

binarysolo on Oct o1 '08: lol elephetestines.

I agree!!! I really like the illustration and the different texts.

courtney pie

(metal fingers don't have a thumb out, unless you're saying i love you?)

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