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I really liked this idea and really enjoyed making it. Uses the Gmail colors. Please look at larger image if you want to read all of the text. Wasn't really creative on the title but i hope the design itself makes up for it. Hope everyone enjoys. Comments welcome.


Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Is that a comic sans!?


Hehe, I can't see Gmail promoting that they have popups...

Jemae profile pic Alumni
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cool idea/design! & i like it! :D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really fantastic parody of the pop-up style and ridiculous things they offer you. You forgot the "click here to give your computer a virus! And then right next to it "Click here to buy Morton's Anti-Virus!"

I really dig this idea, i just wish you had given it the pop-up style of being all over the front (and possibly back) of the tee. Redo this for the regular contest one day in an "Urban Camouflage" style and you'll have a 5$ from me. Still a 4$.


Yes, I do believe that IS comic sans.

You make me sick! SLAP :P

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and colors, looks sweet on the black T shirt

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

yes it is comic sans.... just like pop ups...

thanks for the coments so far


dude why did u have to have an "extend ur finger" ad. i want to see a freakin long penis on my shirt! love it tho

da Face

I agree with FA entirely.


this is a great idea and it is really nice and cleanly executed



It could go all over the t-shirt, front and back!

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

thank you for the nice comments so far and thank you for getting it past the first day



but its all spam! though great shirt nonetheless! 5!


way amazing! its way funny and is realllly clean and looks great on a shirt! 5$$$$

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

thanks for the kind words thus far... keep them coming


That's pretty funny, actually.

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

It's funny, but the colors and typography just hurt my eyes too much. Granted popups are notorious for being incredibly hideous, I just think this coulda been somehow executed more effectively. Nevertheless, "Who is this famous person? Jesus, Oprah, Jackie Chan" made me lol. Sooooo... Ill go with a 3.

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments thus far.... hoping people know what i was going for.... but if not thats cool too

keep comments coming

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

Fun Idea, not sure about the overall shape of the design tho


Hilarious. $4

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

thanks for the last batch of comments....

i really do appreciate them

BrandonB11 profile pic Artist

well i think ill go back to the drawing board with this one...

sounds like i could use more and less harsh colors and seeing how it wont be for the gmail contest i can run free with the colors

thanks for all those that voted and commented

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