Pop 5 Family!

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Pop 5 Family! by bvkcreations on Threadless
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ysy101 profile pic Alumni

great concept, colors and I like the sketch you have at the bottom, too $5

deep space monkey
deep space monkey profile pic Alumni

Grandpa Transistor and Aunt 8-Track, great stuff but lose the green.

herky profile pic Alumni

great concept and characters, love that I-pod youngster.

dacat profile pic Alumni

This is very cool, I'd buy $5!


id loose the green


The stroke outline contrasts way too much.

alanis profile pic Alumni

looks good save for the thick green outline


yeah, the green outline is a little weird. you should consider doing a monochrome thing like the sketch you have below.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

very smart and amusingly musical idea that coulda been overdone or done wrong in so many ways, yet you've managed to pull off the many generation's ways of connecting and identifying their music so well. I especially dig the grandfather's old-timey radio with his cardigan. 4 and buy.


Neato! Great take on the theme


Creative concept & well executed -- the green background doesn't bother me and when you mentioned Pop 5 I remembered seeing it in the toys section at Target in its green box. So I support the green.


ace! and i was just about to say the same, smd-lot-of-numbers! $5


Since the idea of "loves" contests is to respond to the theme and NOT the brand, I don't think you should worry about trying to connect to the design of the game, especially since that green is holding this otherwise great design back.

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