poor penguins

Design by grumly2002

poor penguins by grumly2002 on Threadless
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^agree, not about the pink wearing.


This makes me sad for some reason. I pity the penguins. :(


Yes, no pink. It makes it look like they're floating in Pepto Bismal.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

"Dad I want to start the piano"....start PLAYING the piano? Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's worded oddly in the design.
Drawn well though, and a cute idea. Nothing I would ever wear...but I'm sure there are people who would.


"Dad, I want to take up the piano"?
The design is cute.


NO! Don't re-word it! I also think it doesn't need any punctuation, which is a rare thing for me. "DAD I WANT TO START THE PIANO" is a wonderful, marvelous sentence. It's childlike, it's slightly ambiguous, and it's funny. Also, to be a complete heretic, I love the pink.


I love the picture and the text but i'd never wear pink.

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