Pollution 1 Nature 0 (New Version)

Design by Jebs

Pollution 1 Nature 0 (New Version) by Jebs on Threadless
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Jebs profile pic Artist

Hi, i decide to rework this design, thinking i could dig the concept and fix the stuff bothering people at the time...i also tried to make a more real impactant lung than the previous version.

I hope you'll like it as i enjoyed reworking it :-)


oh good :D

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks :-)

i thought that the other version, even if it had a great final score deserved a better and most complicated textured render...i saw the previous one and immediatly said: too clean! lacks of depth! and reading again the comments...well, i thought: here we go again, it deserved it :-)

if you want to see the forst version, that's here: click here to see my first version


wow! this is awesome!


sick as can be


I like the rework. The halftone really adds to it.

courtney pie

this is awesome! i don't usually like the organ ones, but this is fantastic!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

Looks great 5$


Both versions are good, but this one is clearly better. Good revision. $5.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks everybody, i'm pleased that a lot of people liked my rework...that's the beauty of vectors, we can always rework, improve, find new ideas, solutions on a design we didn't have at the time...things you can't do in drawing or painting, that's pretty exciting in fact :-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks again ^^

Jebs profile pic Artist

you are the first one to prefer a bit the previous one ^^
Anyway, i was the happiest man of the world when i saw the score, it was my best at the time!!!! but i was not happy with the whole work recently, seeing it again...right now, i'm really satisfied with this new work, so i guess it worths it ;-)


looks great

definite 5$


Excellent ! - Lung Tees are the new Heart Tees !

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks! i agree, the halftones give an effect that the previous version lacked a bit ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks you two! and yeah i LOVE Watterson comics ;-)
2.91 is just excellent!!! i am happy that people found a REAL improvment in this design. See you!


This sure looks great!

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