Pollo Feliz

Design by PuReEvil0z

Pollo Feliz by PuReEvil0z on Threadless
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I got the phoenix idea straight.
It's a good idea, a very good design... maybe you should change it somehow so it does not look like a suicide attempt.
Anyway, I liked it! 4


I think its ok


Try Pollo LOCO for this one. ;) Maybe if you made the phoenix larger? & added some of the red?


I like it. I got the phoenix Idea right away, I didn't even think suicide. Quite Amusing! People are just dumb sometimes it's not the designers fault for people being stupid.


I saw this and thought it was a pun for "Firebird"... like, uh, the car. Haha.


i got the phoenix reference right away and i say that this is a job "well done".

but seriously...$5

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