Polar Bored

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Polar Bored by mcmarcg on Threadless
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very nice!

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

Yeah, that's what I'm saying!!! That is my favorite part, I don't think anyone but you noticed (but you notice all)...

Also, in powerscore, the flash doesn't always work so you can't even click to see the shirt :( (I only do these stupid emoticons when absolutely necessary).


placement and soft colors make this a great piece. well done.

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

Thanks a lot Yazgar, that was my point with this design. Usually I do more bold in your face stuff...I really wanted to show restraint with this, which I did...glad a few of you out there get it.


hahahaha great details!!

rompetelcuero profile pic Alumni

hahaha funny idea and great execution.


I play alone a lot, because all my 'friends' have better things to do. So I identify with this bear. Also, freezing cold, live sea food is my thing...that and I hate harpoons. This tee design was sooo meant for me.

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

Have you ever seen a polar bear with an expressive face?

mcmarcg profile pic Artist

I'm thinking 2.07.

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