Poker Hand Values

Design by Monkey II


Monkey II
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My friends alway ask me which is a higher hand during games. I had enough of these questions. Now you can just read it of my shirt -- while I maintain my pokerface =_='


I think I would prefer it without the As, just the centre spade. But I like it, would def wear to Poker Tournaments!

Monkey II
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Sorry if the picture is moving too fast... @_@

tesco profile pic Alumni

looks fantastic, electric banana is gonna be pissed though! print them both. however I'm not sold on the offset A on the all white and I think the back design is unnecerssery.

Monkey II
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Yeah -- But I never saw the ace of electric banana. Impossible too I think^^ I made this for JOT. The deadline was last saturday. The black shirt might be a lil weird blackish (lazy photoshopping I guess ahah)

Frank Vice

i'd love it if it were just the ace alone. i'll $5 it with that remark

Monkey II
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I'm willing to scratch the card on the back -- The A's are there to stay! mwhauhahaha evil laugh

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Artist

Yeah I know! -- I already said that. When I made it there was a 7 sec interval. I dunno how things got faster. Forrrrrgive me.


I love the A's but I think it could so without the card on the back 5$




without the As and the card on the back i think you would lose the overall feel of the shirt. keep em both - love it.


i like poker...i like the text...i like the design...5


white is better coz it looks more like a playcard

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Please ignore everyone who doesn't wanna be turned into a giant playing card....when this is printed, PLEASE get Threadless to keep the A's at either end of the tee. I don't dig at all the card on the back of the shirt, but everything else is just perfection. On black please....and print extra XXL so i will be sure to have one of my own. A fantastic its educational! 5$

steven218 profile pic Alumni

ooh i like this!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Yeah, doesn't need the A's or the card on the back, but the Ace looks great!

The Ending

I NEED this tshirt. NEED IT. If it wins and you ever print it on your own let me know! 5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Yes, just the spade.

Nice work.


i think you should just keep the type-driven spade as the whole design. lose the opposing "a's" and the card back on the back of the shirt. they look like afterthoughts and weak additions to the idea. very cool with those revisions, though.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Artist

No mr. Lashford. How are the A's weak additions to the idea, when the idea is an huge 'Ace of Spades'? But I'll drop the backcard though. Deal? handshake, photo op


Love the black and gold, and I actually don't mind the A's. They do tend to draw attention away from the main design though, expecially with the red highlighting on the white-shirt version. Perhaps make them smaller?

  1. It would have been $5 if there were no As or if they werent two colored like that. and the card on the back is unnecessary. Maybe, you could have the words on the front and an little graphic of the card (like a poker hand or something) on the bottom right of the back

    well, thats what I would've done, sorry for the lengthy comment, but beautiful typography!
Monkey II
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The card on the back plus the offset colors are optional. I think just the spade is pretty boring. I want it to look like an ace of spades from far. When you get closer -- the magic happens!


fantastic $5

herky profile pic Alumni

great poker shirt, love the hand-drawn type.


Gold on black and no card on the back please!


oh that is cool, me likey


Really nice

mezo profile pic Alumni

That is some gorgeous text! Go fish! 5$


Keep the A's or put it on the back instead of the card. Either way $5.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Artist

Dealing the flop

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Artist

Sweet! -- Nice to see the girls like the white shirt and all the guys seem to like the gold on black.


Guess who needs this for poker night

EZFL profile pic Alumni

id buy in on black.

even though the back side of cards are usually have some type of blue or red design on them, it just looks weird on the back of the shirt. might look better it it were gold and silver, then it would match the front graphic a bit better.


Great !
I love it just the way it is! (in black though)


Makes me wanna go see 'Casino Royale' all over again

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Artist close to the 100 ^_^'

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone!

Edword profile pic Alumni

congrats! great design!



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