pocket guardian angel

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pocket guardian angel by o0olaalaa on Threadless
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She needs a spear gun or
flame thrower.


christinalikesbirds, at 9:53am on Apr 3, 2006
cute design for a onesie or something, i don't think i'd really like to wear it though.

agreed babythreadless.com??


It looks like one of those shirts you'd find in a little craft store.

It's almost too innocent for me.


aaw!! babythreadless.com!! how damn cute!

anyway, i love the way you illustrated the angel, but im not feeling the "pocket"

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Alumni

if I wore this I'd have to kick my own ass

o0olaalaa profile pic Artist

but i dunno what i should add. =/

Big Ed

Rock Deputy, LMAO!!!

Seriously,it looks like something my mother-in-law would wear; she wears those sweatshirts with embroidered kittens and crap like that. It's a severely cute shirt but I agree that it would look better on a toddler or baby.


Add a bloody machette and a zombie head or something. That would rock so hard.

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