Plugin (The ultimate time machine)

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Plugin (The ultimate time machine) by label on Threadless
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ALIADOTONY profile pic Alumni

i really digg this

aled profile pic Alumni

When this gets printed, I'm going to tell all my friends that it was my suggestion to include the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap. $5!

franx profile pic Alumni

very very cool
5 and buy!


I really expect this to be printed! Is that a flux capacitor I see? haha $5

I also reviewed this on my blog


Pixel art rocks, this is incredible. :)


haha love it!

my fave part is the "WTF" at the bottom.


Really nice, like the Speak and Spell in there.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

flux ftw


ALIADOTONY profile pic Alumni

someone explain where did this model come from he's everywhere!
at least we are not seeing the middle pixeled fingers


Yeah who the hell is that douche bag in the picture?! You would have gotten a $5 for the amazing design but the use of that model has dropped you to a ZERO.

Zeros will be given out to anyone using that idiot's picture in the future as well!


You give scores based not on the design, but on the model used? It was Threadless who gave us these pictures to use. Wow. And you called Bob Nanna a douchebag... not cool. How about scoring the design for the design and not for some other idiotic reasons like not liking the model they used.

5 from me, label.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

As a whole standing back from the intricacies of this sub, the fact is it looks great on the un-douchy model that is posing with it on. Really nice sub for the contest and nice colors as well!

Edword profile pic Alumni

very cool!

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome work, looks really great on the white T, $5


totally awesome design! only reason i wouldn't wear it is because it's on white. diferent color $5

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

love the hit of pink and what looks to be a lego antenna for a space craft.

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