Pluck On Your Heart Strings

Design by Meotwister

Pluck On Your Heart Strings by Meotwister on Threadless
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Meotwister profile pic Artist

A feel good design about what even one note can do inside of you if it's the right note in the right spot. Music is powerful let it pluck on your heart strings!


eek! Please no splatter behind the image.


i would like the placement off-center, too. maybe down and to the left/right?
but i really do like this. if i could give a 4.5, i would.

Meotwister profile pic Artist

lol I thought about putting it over the heart as well but I couldnt get it to look right to me having an off-center design slightly to the right.

I've never had much of a problem with centered designs as some ppl seem to have but I see where you guys are comin from.

@soundcrafter, thanks for the crits, I appreciate it. ;)

Sweet Calamity

I would really love it without the splatter. I feel like I've been seeing a lot of splatters lately so the idea is getting a tad old with me. Besides that, I really like the concept. :)



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