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DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

Huge print, or belt (does not need to wrap, but needs to be close to seams)

It is designed to make you look like a big bumble bee. Black ink on yellow shirt, possibly suade or puff ink.

Actual sheet music for The Flight of the Bumble Bee by Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov. Music is public domain, copyright does not apply.


Agreed. Neat idea, just increase the thickness/weight.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

a version with more bold/thickness is in the works, thanks for the support so far.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Nice idea, you could also try black stripes with yellow lines and notes (shirt color)

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

@ dacat. the current version is precisely that.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Artist

^sry, the version in the works


I love this idea! It HAS to be BOLDER in order to make the joke. (I'm jumping on here cuz I want this to work!) Once this is fixed, it's a WINNER!


with bees it's a 5

Bramish profile pic Alumni

This might have worked better if you'd kept the yellow shirt, and then had the music etc in shirt colour on black stripes.

Still, nice idea, good luck.


I agree, make the notes darker... or make it a black shirt with yellow notes.


great idea...but for it to be should not only make the notes closer toghtther and larger, but drop the lines without notes, so that there would be a large bold black line and then a completely yellow one, witch should allow you to bring the lines with notes much closer toghether and make therefore much more of them, incresing the stripped bumble bee look tenfold


Condensing the height of the bars of music, along with boldening them will accomplish the bee stripy-ness.

Once that is done it's a true $5. For now it's a 5 because I want TL to pay attention to this design and print it's bumble bee successor.


I agree that it needs to be bold thicker lines and most certainly have some bees buzzing around the notes to make it clearer.


Brilliant idea. Try putting the staves closer together, and as everyone has said make them bolder. The stripes will be smaller, but more distinct.


agreeing about the thickness, but that's been covered. I like it.

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