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Operator profile pic Artist

the color it stops on is the color i prefer. but i want you to be able to see it on all the colors. why not, eh?


It is confusing to see it on all the colors. There are too many bad options amongst the color options. If this was to be printed, it is unlikely that all the colors would be options and someone would have to chose.

Operator profile pic Artist

hah. funny stuff.

krets: the shirt will only be printed on one color, but why not let people see what it looks like on every color? even if some are bad, i see no reason not to include all the options.
summer: um. yea. this shirt was done for the "shout out louds LOVES threadless" contest. the top right has that little <3'sThreadless graphic so its for a themed contest.

hope that help's ya'll out.

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