Please Remain Seated

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Please Remain Seated by WanderingBert on Threadless
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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

Behold a rare performance by The Musical Chairs Philharmonic Orchestra, who perform their brand of classical hip-hop to sold out audiences around the globe. As you can see, there's not a single seat left in the house! A collaboration by Wandering Bert and FRICKINAWESOME.

Looks great on light and dark blue (links to colour variations and much needed bigger image on my profile).

Uses 5 colours plus the shirt colour.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

oh snap! its up!!!! i likey. $5 obviously

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

this lives up to they hype and dominates that same hype and makes it its bitch...FA/BERT for President 08'

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

both colors are amazing which will make it hard to choose (knock on wood) when it gets printed


weird. it makes the person look like they've got on a bodice.


Very cute idea, guys!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Link, the joke is that at first glance they look like empty chairs, but then you realize that it's the audience watching the other chairs. The joke would be ruined if "mixed it up", i think enough is going on on the stage that we didn't want to detract from the main humor of the piece.

Chelly- What's a bodice?

Ava Adore

very nice concept, love the colours! :D

herky profile pic Alumni

great collab and funny concept $5


For the alphorn alone you get a 5. Nice.


5$. i sort of think it'd be nicer without the audience empty seats

beesneak profile pic Alumni

Great stuff, hopefully it'll score well.(crosses fingers)


the lines for the stage bother me a little. Somehow the musician chairs look like they are on the ceiling.


ahhhh yes. please tweak the perspective a little... i am definitely seeing the chairs on the ceiling.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wandering Bert can put some shading on the edges of the stage to make it clearer that the musical chairs are not on the ceiling...i never even noticed that interpretation until people have commented on it. HA!


Even if it was people instead of chairs, I've never seen a concert like this (an MC and DJ with an orchestra?). Chairs playing music to other chairs? I don't get it. If it was better illustrated, I might like it, but this concept just looks half-baked.

WanderingBert profile pic Artist

@ Down10- Just because you havn't seen a concert like this doesn't mean it hasn't happened. It has. The concept is quite simple- but obviously it is too much for you to understand- Musical Chairs. The chairs in the crowd at first look like an empty crowd, but then it becomes obvious (to most) that thay are the audience- making a full crowd.

Thank you for your comment but your ignorance and lack of understanding makes what you said completely obsolete.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

Down10, it was a musical chairs. You can try check out the printed design of Threadless, which most of the stuff inside the designs are you were "never seen" it in our real world, we call that creative.


I don't like that the "singer" is wearing a chain.

beesneak profile pic Alumni


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