Playing with Fire

Design by jonhillier

Playing with Fire by jonhillier on Threadless
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wow, those are obnoxious colors.

nice design though.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I like the colors a lot, but...I like obnoxious things. I think it stands out. The design is nice and a great concept.

By the way....what's with comments like this:

"Ellsswhere, at 4:33pm on Apr 17, 2006    
needs some work"

If it needs some work, tell the person what needs the work...god, I hate comments like that.


the colors are a bit too much for me but i still like it

Big Ed

I think the boat in the front is too big. It's a good idea to make one floating closer like that, but maybe not so large.


some of the outlines are a little bold.. consider changing the color scheme to a navy blue/tan one. might do much better

3 as is

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