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The theme is music: past present future, so I thought I'd depict three different ways of playing the piano. The first can be associated with the past and the tradition of classical music. The second is a piano that is virtual, representing the present. And the third, acts as an encouragement to the wearer. The wearer can familiarise themselves with the notes and maybe start playing and become a musician. None of us know what the future holds. It's in your hands.


Love it dude... I'd absolutely love to wear it!!! Actually it's the first one I've seen (since the Communist Party shirt) that I've felt I absolutely have to wear! Might be better if you could do it on a grey or another colour though (it's on white isn't it?). As long as the other colour isn't pink, natural, cream or black... Just my 2 cents anyway. Good luck!

Hi my name is

I like this, some reason I think that it would have been neat if you had someone like Bach or Mozart playing it. either way good idea $4

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Great concept and great execution.


very nice 5


I would like it better with out the words "past", "present", "future". I think the words make the shirt ordinary. But I love the design.

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I think it doesn't need the keys at the bottom, without it $5. And keep it on white.

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