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Player Haterz by harpo25 on Threadless
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i love the gramaphone!!!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

you guys you guys! it's up! It's UP!!!! An FA COLLAB it's UP!!!!

$5! you guuuyyys!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the support so far folks!

I don't really understand people's complaints of ipods being in the design...who would the old-svhool gramophone, casette and casette player be looking at to beat to a bloody pulp without the harmless shiny new fragile ipod technology being in the forefront? But keep the comments comin!


this is a 5 the shirt does look good money green


this is a cool design, but i think u need to follow through with the design all the way. for instance, u give the first to guys a pretty realistic face, than the tape's face is made from diff elements of itself. get what i'm sayin?



OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

This is an awesome idea and is very well executed!


Ha ha - love it

Tho it would have been really cool with the little ipods playing jump rope with the headphones.

The cassette player chewing up the tape is a nice touch too. Mine always used to do that...

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome characters, love their expressions. $5

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Another great one guys!


i might like it better if the old school were surrounding the ipods a little more

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is actually not a joke about anyone missing anything...this is about old technology being pissed they aren't being used any more and have been tossed aside by the newer, more fragile audio equipment. And they are looking for a fight and will do whatever they have to to get back on top of the heap. So way to mis-interpret the design windsy!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think you're right, man! lol. It's cool windsy, you don't like the sub and that's ok, we all can't like the same things.

Some subs are like you say they are, but I feel this one isn't. There happens to be exceptional character work on this design created by Harpo25, and a dozen other neat smaller details going on here, but whatever.

As for your reasoning why most people like it, if you read above. most people mention the characters, not the nostalgia. And isn't nostalgia supposed to make things look cuter and more impressive then they were instead of turning old musical technology into hardened street punks?

Oh, and thanks for the comments everyone!

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

Nice design

Lol @ drama above

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

No need to feel bad Windsy. You stated your opinion, and am stating a rebuttal. I just think there's more than what you are saying this shirt and design's appeal is.

I agree with you on those designs that focus on a casette tape and a heart made out of the tape coming out of it and etc designs as being purely nostalgic. It just never even entered my mind when thinking of this idea or working with Bart on his amazing illustration about the nostalgia aspect of this design. Plus, who is gonna buy this shirt because they remember using a gramophone in their youth? lol.

I appreciate all comments so thanks for stating why you don't like this. It's a more than most people say when they hate a design!


LOL I like how the ipods are in the limelight

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