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sooty profile pic Artist

I couldn't decide on the placement. It can go wherever you want. I know people will say it's too small too but it needs to be the size it is so it looks like a lego figure. The grainyness looks a bit like a gradient but it's all black.


sexy - make her huge center chest or left chest works too but huge would be better


Great illustration! Unfortunately I don't want to be seen wearing a Lego-ho on my shirt...


haha.. legho better title.




maby if she was a sexy barbie, but lego no


i'd buy it in an instant. but then again, i adore lego bricks
i think it's fine small, but not too good in the center - any other position is fine

sooty profile pic Artist

she wasn't necessarily designed to be a ho, I was going for a kind of 50s underwear model look but there you go. leg-ho is genius and should be the title.

the dirtyness of the image is just my illustration style, perhaps there is a bit too much but it makes a change from neat trace done in illustrator. I don't think it's copywrited because it's hand drawn and doesn't actually say lego anywhere on it.

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

sweet one! love the idea! i can see myself wearing this!
congrats! 5$

sooty profile pic Artist

I made her a bit taller as she looked a bit short and stubby in proper proportion. I thought about some red lips but I like the idea of it being monochromatic, like a black and white picture but in shades of lego yellow.


The "grainyness" needs to go, and I would have added at least some basic color to it instead of relying solely on the shirt color. After all, Leggo's were colored. But otherwise, I love it!


I thought it was a transexual with a hairy belly, and a shaved beard.


it's not too small -- i think the rest of threadless is too big. nice work! 5$


Haha. Leg-ho.

Though first I thought it was a Kubrick...those wacky Japanese, they might just make something like that, you never know.

Daniel San

Take away the gradient, make her bigger and add color and its a $5 from me.



you miss out on the $ cos of the extra leg bend.

and i could do without the dusty black stuff

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