Plastic Sea Of Perils

Design by Mikko Terva

Plastic Sea Of Perils by Mikko Terva on Threadless
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Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Artist

Beware of the beast that lurks in the depths of the tricolored ocean.


Good idea... I'm looking forward to 10,000 variations on this theme. Coming soon to Threadless! :)


haha, very fun(ny)!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

when i was little i knew this kid who had his own plastic ball pit in his basement. i think it was the first time i truly felt jealous.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

wtf? aahhah great! 5

briancook profile pic Alumni

I have only recently realized just how disgustingly dirty those ball pits must have been.


id like it more if there was no boat but i'll still give you a five

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

that's the point bluepeacechick, ever heard of the word 'juxtaposition'?


This reminds me of my 2yr old when he's in a ball pool. he disappears and you don't see him for half an hour. Nice style - not sure about the position or style of the boat though I agree it needs to be there.


This is a really cool shirt. $5


I think I am with a few of the other people on the idea of losing the boats. I think it is a great concept but needs a better visual representation to make the idea of a ball pit more easily recognised. For a while I was worried it was another pirate type of tshirt.


The boat is perfectly fine, and this is great... haha, only just noticed the eyes!


love the small details. did not see the eyes until i read someones comment.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

i love this ,haha..ha..

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Oh my, this is so so awesome for kids and people who remember themselves as kids playing in these sweaty ball chambers! Love the idea of the boat, just wish there were some crew members running around the boat, maybe one on the watch tower yelling "AHOY!" or something at the gigantic hand coming out of the "water", maybe a few more boats that have already been taken down"? Still, a 4 this way and more if some small changes are made. LOVE how the balls are faded out.

Bleak Harvest

The colours hurt my eyes, but the idea is grand! Maybe switch the hand with a kraken tentacle?


keep the boat! Don't change anything. It's great the way it is.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great fun design $5



jasmintee profile pic Alumni

I wanna hop in!!


Leave the boat, just make it more like a toy one. And maybe a different word than rawr? or lose it all together? I think the design is strong enough without the text.


p.s. EXCELLENT PRESENTATION :) Thanks for making it all so pretty to look at!


drowning in the ball pit (piss pit)... hmm i love it.

oe oe

Nice one! Go, pallomeri, go! :)

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments, nice score. :)


seriously lose the boat and eyes.

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