planetary status...

Design by mikey_hong

planetary status...



Topical, but I wonder if anyone will even get this a year down the road... or if anyone really gives a damn what a bunch of snooty astronomers think.


great pic and idea but i dont think anyone would get it.. you'd need a little explaination on there somewhere.. like a newspaper clipping


the sun isn't a planet either....

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Funny, I'd like to see another color in the planets to distinguish from the sun a little and make Saturn's rings more noticeble. Maybe show some motion marks around the sun's hand so it looks like he's waving more.

I'd buy it though!


I like the design exactly how it is. 5$


Rofl! i am in the middle of working on a Pluto is no longer a planet design! I really like this one! LOL! $5


This is really, really clever. Keep Emo Pluto. I hope that this will be printed. LOL. $5.


this is great i just wish some how it could take up the entire shirt space .... you know the way that solar system charts and poster look with the orbits drawn as a simple line and such


Yay! But I dunno, I kind of like the pupil-less pluto. Or maybe keep the pupils, but have them cast downward, so it looks more like dejection and less like gastric distress.


My science teacher would love this!


"If you don't agree, go see Interplanet Janet. Because the Sun is star, like Pluto is planet."


I think it needs some sort of caption to be made more easily understood, and the rings on Saturn are hard to see...Other than that, it's an awesome design


I understood what it was about the first time
And I think its absolutely ADORABLE!
Poor pluto.
Astronomers are NO BUENO.




I think the design is pretty self-explanitory.


Great job. $5.

I am hoping that Saturn's rings can be made more noticable. Perhaps just outline them.

And I agree that lallorona's pupil comments.


Where's Saturn ?

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hey everyone, thanks for all the great feedback. i whipped this up the day of the announcement so it could be the first of many pluto themed designs... mission accomplished! i've just started seeing others pop up today. anyways i'd respond to the questions and comments everyone's left, but i think anything i would have said has already been covered by other posts... good job threadless community!


Give me!


Ahhhhh Haa Ha I Love it.

Keep the face thats up there, that shit makes me pee my pants ! He is just so sad that its funny.

I am still laughing ! $5


old cliche.............uhm o yeah the mere reason that its current issue makes it popular regardless of the artistic work...might aswell read a newspaper....


this is the best pluto shirt i've seen so far. well done!


i want rings dammit

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wow, that's my best showing so far... thanks for all the votes everyone! now who wants to see this printed as bad as i do? keep those "we want this printed now" comments coming! :)

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To put all minds at rest on the similarity to Three Legged Legs "Humans" PSA... I have talked directly with Casey Hunt at Three Legged Legs and his reply was plainly, "We're not concerned." Please refrain from sending angry threatening emails as the issue is resolved. To everyone else, thanks for enjoying the shirt... I have a sequal in the works, keep an eye out for it!

courtney pie

aw. poor little pluto. i want to cry now. :-(

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