Planet X - Myth or Fact?

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eladear profile pic Artist

View 1) 9 traditional planets plus sun and moon. View 2) inspired by Sumerian planet charts... planets...and is that planet x? The letter x symbolically placed here.

Two color print: Petrol blue and glow-in-the dark inks on black t-shirt.

I hope you like it.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i'm curious, is glow in the dark ink invisible in sunlight?
i hope so, because i really like this, and it wouldn't have the same effect if that glow in the dark ink had an obvious residue on fabric :s


mmmmm.. I love me some science. $5


$5 i love it!


isnt there eight planets now
lol @ pluto


p.s. i liek this

eladear profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments and vote!

About the ink... I had read Threadless's speciality ink notes... this would be using "Super Glow", very transparent but not 100%. They say it is great for hidden messages, and that is what I wanted to achieve. I think it will look cool.


yea its up for voting! i knew this would make it thru, the sun looks great btw :P $5

eladear profile pic Artist

Thanks Eric for your feedback on the design.

eladear profile pic Artist

I now have the sun in the right position... thanks again :)

Montro profile pic Alumni

Anything 2012 deserves my $5
Well done!


hail the anunakis!!!


Even though I cannot stand glow-in-the-dark t-shirts, I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Everything about it is spot-on!!

eladear profile pic Artist

Thanks to all for the comments and votes.

Matthieu - In regard to the design placement, I have to follow Threadless's rules and try to make the design printable in serigraphy. At times I'd like to wrap designs around every corner of the shirt, but then to print it would be difficult and not following guidelines. In this example, I'm able to finalize the circle outlines to the side of the shirt , if Threadless can print it from front to side without a problem. On my behalf, I'd love to shift it more... it is a matter of talking to the Thread team.

I also have to keep in mind where I place the design so that one's arm isn't covering important parts. At the side, rarely do you see much, unless you're walking around all day with arms up. LOL.

Thanks for your honest feedback. Next time I'll add a pretty basic tee :) Cheers.


I like that is glows in the dark xD


eladear profile pic Artist

Almost a year has past. I was hoping this one would may the cut for a print.

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