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I think I might like it upon reflection. Please explain your concept a little?


brown square=pubes

So minimalist!


wow, if her pubes take up an entire pixel, she must be hairy down there-y.


Good idea and well executed, but are people going to wear it?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

now if that was a pixie that you made all pixil-y, THAT would be comedy gold! Still, if the placement was more centered and for once i actually ask to decrease the size of the image, you'd definetly have something here! I love implied societal no-nos that are fair game to wear in public and are only as dirty as the people's minds who are looking at it...


Strangely enough, I dig it.

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burger nips!

sooty profile pic Artist

I'm glad some people like it, thanks. The idea came from the way you can still tell what things are even when they are pixelated. I wanted to make it as pixelated as possible but still be able to see what it was. in answer to a few questions; no it doesn't have to be pink, it works on any of the paler colours but I thought pink was the most subtle. And her pubes aren't that big, but it's all or nothing with pixels I'm afraid. the design could be smaller but it's hard to tell until you see it actual size.


Oh, I love this design. Creative yet simplistic. I'd buy it, very cool. I love the name to - 'pixi', very sweet.


'too' - ooooops spelling error in early message

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

dont worry about cheesecake bree, she only finds something clever if it includes a bunny.

sooty profile pic Artist

I don't think it's too difficult to tell what it is, but part of the point is that you might have to give it another look.


Like it just how it is

sooty profile pic Artist

It is a she, her arms are by her sides and she is walking towards you looking slightly to the right. If you squint at it you should be able to tell.

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