Pirate of the Dead

Design by BasicShift

Pirate of the Dead by BasicShift on Threadless
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Big Ed

I like the dead parrot more than anything else.


I don't like the moon. It detracts from the greatness of the illustration. 4$


I like it, but the multicolored stylish skulls really grab my attention more than anything, I wish they were the shirt. Cool design tho, great use of 4 colors!

BasicShift profile pic Artist

I heard that from some friends offline as well Magilla, I'll be submitting a version with just the stylized skull soon as well....

mezo profile pic Alumni

Love it with a capitol ARRRRRGH.


i really like this....except for the color scheme....i'd keep the green color but change everything else.

otherwise it's great. ;)


WTF is original about a zombie or a pirate much less a zombie-pirate, and especially one so poorly drawn with such offensive colors.

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