Pirate Lady

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Pirate Lady by driv on Threadless
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I'm dutch, so I'd probably wear this to see my parents reaction.

Wooden shoes are badass, have you ever had your toes stepped on by someone wearing them? :)

driv profile pic Artist

Thanks a lot Dow Jones, and sorry for my broken English.^ - ^

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

^ what's the deal with that, she's a pirate, she has to be violent it's a given.

may only concern is that she is carrying what seems to be a modern machine gun "AK Mary Jane", I'd like to she her welding two swords anyway


nice gun<3


she's a lady. she's dutch. she's a pirate. she's carrying a machine gun.

she doesn't appear to be threatening violence, just sort of swaggering sexily along.

i like her. 5$.


The juxtaposition of several conflicting archetypes + quite nice illustration really do it for me. I know a guy who'd buy this in an instant, but it's just not me...

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