Piranha " the Spawning"

Design by Néhérénia

Piranha " the Spawning" by Néhérénia on Threadless
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so you'd buy it but grumble?


I love the style, but I'm really not getting this.

Néhérénia profile pic Artist

It is true that I would have to give more explanation on this drawing. It comes from the film “Piranha part 2 the spawning” realized in 1981 per James Cameron (and yes its first film) I wanted to make the piranhas as they appear in film, and the woman not terrorized on the other hand at all (rather satisfies to be in the middle of these flying killers) Other version are disponnible on my blog. (Sorry for my English, I use the Google translation)

filak profile pic Alumni

Great $5 ;)


The fact that three people have seen this movie makes this shirt even better. This movie rocks like Reptilicas

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