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ha ha ha, J-Ray & Jennifuhrer,

Youz makes me laugh :D

The Ending

lol made me smile. The design works even if you dont know the crazyness which happened on this site. good work. 5


Hehehe....as an English person this rocks! 5 and buy for my relatives who all say Pip-pip! and Hoo-ray Henry!

aled profile pic Alumni

Not happy about you perpetuating the myth of British bad teeth. Look at the Bee Gees par example - perfect, natural teeth. You should have called it the British Teeth-Rex. This is racism at it's 'acceptable' worst.


Tally-ho! What a spiffing sub!


What is with all the bristish dinosaur entries lately?? Don't get me wrong, I absolutly LOVE this shirt, but did i miss something?? oh yeah, $5

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Brilliant! $5

aled profile pic Alumni

My comment was tongue in cheek, old boy!


do people still say pip pip? ;)
this is great! i dont understand the whole brit-t-rex thing either, but this is funny!


Hehehe. Well done, old chap! I'm just happy no one went the route that I went! Yet, anyway!

I'm bringing "pip pip" back!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

wow.. this is gonna get a print


who doesn't love tiddlywinks.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

"Hey fatheed, I found your sense of humour. I think you should come and get it back!"

You need to learn to detect sarcasm, or you know, shut up.


I'm not good at making art on the computer, but I have the best idea ever! Someone needs to take the cover of the T. Rex album "Electric Warrior", take out Mark Bolan and the "T REX" text, and put in a nice T. Rex, but keep the gold/black fade-ey style. I mean, come on! British T. Rex hilarity abound. :)

Jennifuhrer profile pic Artist

thanks for the lovely comments



WTF is this? This, to me, is just a horrible idea all-around. Sorry to be mean, but it's my honest opinion.

Jennifuhrer profile pic Artist

it's ok Greg, I don't expect everyone to like it or even "get it"


I m sorry but.. what does it mean?
Pitty we lost India?

Jennifuhrer profile pic Artist

Once upon a time India was a bunch of kingdoms, The Brits came along and occupied India, establishing a single country. After WWII India became Independent.

It's just something an old British man might say
as they once governed India.

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

jolly good stuff, wot!!

She Says So


im British and i think this is awesome.


" Pity we lost the LUELINKS crowd "

" pip pip "

" I do love ASCII art "

Jennifuhrer profile pic Artist

Blimey, I dolike to ride the double decker


ah this made me laugh pretty good well done


Oh I know about India's history. I Just didn't get the comment.. but I get it...
okie. cool!


yes yes yes yes YES YES YES. bwahahaha. $5

The Jolly Brewer

Pity we lost America! Should have kept a firmer grip on out colonies!

renfrue profile pic Alumni

this should like win something

;-) tinky winkie

Jennifuhrer profile pic Artist

ah, memories

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