Pink Think Simplicity

Design by jimmiiko

Pink Think Simplicity by jimmiiko on Threadless
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Beautiful Design. I love all the asian type art.


If the guy's head was up to the height of the arm on the actual shirt (causing the blossoms to be closer to the shoulder), I would buy this shirt.


(I meant with size enlargement, sorry.) But the concept of simplicity and the flawless Asian design are a great combination.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

text is lame, picture is awesome. The only time i support ditching text is if it's pointless, and in this case it is.


Very slick design. It shows craftsmanship, so I like it ;)


It really makes me think he's like... a part of the tree. Like a tree spirit or something. I'm weird, I know. I love the color scheme. <3 Maybe you should take out the 'think' and just leave simplicity. Or the other way around. :) Experiment!
Definitely 5+$!

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