pink overdose

Design by zenbolic vision

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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni


This is technically fantastic, but it reminds me a bit too much of the the T-Shirt Hell line of famous characters shooting up or shooting themselves.

Would probably look better in the middle of the tee having the pink drip all the way down. Also, is it me or is there a conspiracy invo0lved here with the area Mr. Pink shot himself and where the gun ended up? Call that Kurt Cobain private investigator!

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Yeesh. And that Cal&Hob shirt Frickin posted really stole my childhood.

Mountain Gnome

Is this about Welcanol

A drug common in South Africa, also called 'Pinks'


make it bigger and place somewhere else maybe? i don't know, well it's 4$ anyway :)


I'd like it a little more if the blood was a heart


haha i like how the puddle kind of makes a heart. $5


i like it, cool image and a sinister approach to a cartoon. $5


black $5


looks great on black!

cameron kim jones

I've seen a similar one with buggs bunny. Don't get me wrong. Looks good. But I hope the idea was yours.

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

thanks for all lovely comments,, and cameron kim jones yes its mine dont worry :)

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