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Hahaa... I know sorry... but i just had to make a che guevara tee... :P
and I know che was AGAINST MASS-PRODUCTION but that the irony of it as well..




can someone do a tee with "no more che!" on it please


I don't know how many of the above posters "get" this shirt. You all should learn a little spanish. :)


cesc, maybe I don't get Che short for pinche? I thought that was a joke...Maybe I should learn a little history.

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In mexico when you say che... you normally mean Pinche.. and pinche is like damn. Gueva (wich is actually spelled Hueva) means lazyness... What I thought it was kinda funny was that In Pinche Gueva... if you take the "pin" out it and leave the rest of the letters it spells.. Che Gueva... which is just 2 letters off che guevara.. I was basically fooling around with the letters but I guess not many people actually got it.. especially since I use a mexican lexicon.


Okay...I was right...kind of.

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