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People dismiss psychedelia with pantomimed drug references and hearty guffaws but a lot of great psychedelic artists and musicians abstain from mind altering drugs. Frank Zappa was a fine example of this. The psychedelic patterns may remind some of the sixties but to some it may remind you of things you've seen in illuminated manuscripts or art by tribal cultures.


NGAZIN, did you check Dweezil Zappa talking about his new show, Zappa on Zappa, on NPR this past weekend?

(Pretty cool design, I'm not a fan of primary color schemes though)


cool design
the shirt color doesnt do it for me, maybe royal blue? yellow? something bright

NGAZIN profile pic Artist

I thought the grey would help accentuate the colors. It doesn't really matter.

NGAZIN profile pic Artist

Keaton Kohl,

Sadly you represent the average Threadless voter. The title is just a suggestion, the imagery in this tee shirt design is not meant to symbolize any literal or physical thing. Although inspired by pinball blood, the abstract shapes and forms are meant to symbolize things that cannot be explained in literal terms. It's okay not to like visual art but if you can have enough interest in it to comment on it then you shouldn't be so dense.


Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Is it your goal to actually get a print or to simply point out your perceived flaws in the average participant/submission process/winning tshirts/site in general?

ALIADOTONY profile pic Alumni

Most people here focus just on the negative parts on the design instead of just appreciating the desing as it is...its a just simple yes or no...but must people get this dense comentaries about design...and the hole point of this site is to create without caring about what others go ahead and create, if people like it or not is still art isnt it?


cool. i've been looking at a lot of maps, so that's what i see here. maybe tomorrow i'll see something else. w/ a different shirt color, you'll go farther.

NGAZIN profile pic Artist

I am putting up shirts to challenge myself, build a shirt design portfolio and also get a shirt printed. If getting a shirt printed were my only goal I would print them myself. I'm not trying to please everyone because that would be boring, like much of this site's product.

What Keaton Kohl said in his comment was beyond retarded. I know that the point of a tee shirt is to be bought but what he said revealed a total lack of understanding of what visual art is. Drawing and painting and photography are not just about clever subject matter.

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I am a really angry guy. I do not care about being nice to people in real life,and not on the internet neither.


so you make ugly shit and call it true art then make an ass out of yourself to prove your above the commoners who populate this retarded site

go fuck yourself

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

that fine art statement made me literally laugh out loud

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

Mr NGAZIN - your shirt is ok - but it could use some more pinball elements in it - You know to convey the whole "pinball" theme

perhaps if you added some pop up bumpers and drop targets around the collar. Maybe some ramps leading up the sleeves?

oh and flippers down at the bottom would be totally badical - also I cannot find the silver ball? is it perhaps hidden amongst your design in a where's waldo fashion? maybe you could resub and add in these elements maybe even change the design to have a more playfield composition to it.

anyhow - rock on metalhead dude whitesnake forevah

mrwalrusface profile pic Alumni

ingnore that ^, best sub yet

NGAZIN profile pic Artist

Don't misquote me. The shirts I have designed for this site are me selling out and making shit that I think people wear. At the end of the day people have feel that their shirts represent how they feel. Just because you feel like an ignorant nerd and don't want to wear what I design doesn't mean that badass renegades don't exist who would glady wear my shit to express their intense gusto for fucking and fighting.

I'm not complaining about a lack of knowledge, I'm not complaining at all. I am stating opinions. I wasn't begrudging that guy his lack of knowledge of fine art, it was his lack of understanding that irked me. Knowledge is just trivia but understanding is something else and not something you can pick up as easily.

I took some inspiration from the functional lines and kinetic energy in pinball machines but it's not literally supposed to represent that.

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