pimp my gun

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Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

this sub will get a lot of that kind of reaction but i would say without the words "pimp my gun." this is fantastic. i wouldn't even say to lose the text completely, just maybe say something different. i think it's totally balls to the wall over the top macho, so ridiculous that it's awesome. it's also super well made. but that's just me. $5


A bit ugly and a bit nice 2!


Yeah let's all consume the media hype on every shooting there is in the the U.S.OF.A. But print it later would be ok?? What about all the other shit thats going on in the world.
THINK, retards!

wotto profile pic Alumni
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nice style but this just doesnt work for me on a tee.

cintrao profile pic Artist

let's shake things up a bit then...

'badzen' your nickname fits you like a glove. If you throw stones make sure you do not have a glass roof. Just a friendly advice, take it or leave it, it's up to you... maybe, in your case, it's down to you.

''hit it home... ''?? "virginia shooting..." ?? http://www.nra.org/ if catch my drift...
Every God-forsaken day people die because of guns, bombs, and all kind of weapons or death tools if we consider that beeing a soldier is a job. But this doesn't just happen in america, it happens all over the world , it happens all the time.Look at what's happening in the african continent.

So, this design is about the fact that a gun is as popular as a car. And if you think about it, sometimes, they both run on petrol.

join 'badzen' army.

timming is relative.

Your comments need to be more creative too. As for your advise, take it, it's yours ;)

Well... Take a look at the banner in this site for the tee 'The Fashion of terror' , tell me, is it a flower? Is it ? Hummm, no , it's a machine gun the male model holds in his right hand ...
Big no no, because of virginia, because in an american school people got killed by people. That's why it's wrong to have a gun used as a joke in a tee design? Because of that? If i make a design with a person shooting a gun to the head with red butterflies coming out of the otherside , is that better, more correct?

I can't say what i think of you and your comments, because i just remembered to be nice.

cintrao profile pic Artist

Did you noticed that Xzibit, the rap superstar and car enthusiast, is holding a spraygun as if it was a real gun, gangsta style, pointing it strait at you, lol. Guess you guys are busy now sending emails to mtv telling them to stop promoting guns... no? but,,, virginia...and..the shooting... no? no emails to the MTV? how about Quentin Tarantino? Should we start sending him emails telling him to make movies without guns too? Can you sleep tonight with all the killing that's going on in the world? Oh, you can? Ok then. Sweet dreams.

cintrao profile pic Artist

This was dropped early... I guess it's true.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

Cintrao, I guess you have to submit food with faces, thing with faces., stuff with faces, shit with faces and they will like it and its the safest way to gain popularity.

Maese Sag

Wow, why the hate? I like it and the colors are nice

Maese Sag

Wow, why the hate? I like it and the colors are nice

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