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Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

After seeing 200+ subs for lomo loves contest -- all with a camera in it. I wanted to do something else. Well I tried ^^

I got inspired by some of the golden rules.
The real theme for me is having fun with the camera and that everyone, no matter who you are, enjoy taking pictures. Like so many others out there I have a cheap digital cam and I would love to have a sweet lomographic camera.

The next generation is taking over! Boring and safe -- we better shoot them up close.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

haha! i really like this and the characters are really nice.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

yes, those characters are SUPER awesome and CUTE!!!!!! go for the win! 5

andyg profile pic Alumni

I love the simplicity and colors! Great design!

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

I don't agree with it myself that the characters you see are for lomo.

They belong to the new generation - boring and safe - digital with easy options and filters. Scroll up and read my comment first.

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

To you it's imperfection -- I call it perfection.
You seeing it too literally.

Those characters mean something. That's the second layer underneath it all. So with all those crazy circumstances/weather types combined you can still make a good shot with a lomographic cam! Because getting those impossible shots makes it perfect.


about xray's comment: i agree that it's opposed to what lomo camera's are all about. and without your explanation you won't get the irony/sarcasm from the t-shirt.

walmazan profile pic Alumni


myteemo profile pic Alumni


Moby Peterson

i like that this is different from all the othr subs. everyone else just drew a bunch of cameras (of course, some of those drawings look good, but it does get a bit to repetitive).

it's not exactly my type of shirt, but i will give it a 3 for being different.


I love the characters. It is a little off for the lomo contest, but I still think it's a good design.

herky profile pic Alumni

adorable characters, looks great as a print too.

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

I hate you now

thanks dude

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