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renfrue profile pic Artist

hooray for picnics!

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

the bear is well done but the trees aren't so great. the perspective on the picnic basket is off as well. 2.

mezo profile pic Alumni

The superhero bear is what you need to devote a different design to. Everything else is not nearly as rad. Plus, his sammich looks tasty. 3


Love the bear. I think the cape should be falling down behind it, unless it's really windy or he's running, which doesn't seem to be the case.

renfrue profile pic Artist

thank you for the comments and ideas/tips


awww... it looks like it would illustrate a children's book. way cute!

renfrue profile pic Artist

lunchbox, the trees are silhouettes, so not to draw attention from the bear

ps, you won my "guess the vote" contest!(from my last sub)
Stps real soon :-)


really like it! not sure how it relates to the contest? either way very nice! 5

renfrue profile pic Artist

I don't mind losing the basket (more focus on bear)
too bad I submitted a day b4 the Critique section started.

I know,doesn't really relate to contest (think regular sub)

renfrue profile pic Artist

Sweet, thank you all for the kind words.

This sub has been lil' g approved!!!

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