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WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

If your costume is too good you run the risk of being mistaken for one of her kittens.... and of course your siblings don't notice until it's too late!

"what happened to your little brother?"
"ummm.... he was stolen by a giant cat....."


this is SO adorable!!!! we had a cat who looked like that, his name was Moses...except he had a little bit of white on his nose:)


Great - one of my fave halloween shirts yet

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Lovely, I like the white ghost most!!


aww i'd buy this one right away :] the little witch is my favorite $5

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

very funny

fc gravy

haha, nice!


I love the fact that even the kids pumpkin looks surprised (intentionally or not).

$5 for sure


This came out supa cute! Yea for Halloween designs :)


Lovely (even though I hate cats & kids). You've put some really nice detail in there.




Great detail! I love how you didn't make the little witch's entire face green to save time. It looks great with the makeup line.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

this came out great - I really like the way you rendered the cat - funny stuff - 5


so cute

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

thanks guys! after i made this sub, a friend of mine introduced me to lolcats.com, and so now i like to think of this guy as "in ur haloween, steelin ur kidz" ;-)


Tee hee, that's adorable!


all week my kids have been talking abuot what they want to be for halloween. i should bring this pic in to warn them to choose wisely...


I'd love a more detailed execution...


hope this does well!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow...that cat is REALLY intense looking. nice work!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

You have a lot of potential, and I dont mean that in the negative "but you arent doing anything good yet" kind of way. I mean that this and some of your other designs have a lot going for them. A few sugesstions, if I may be so bold, would be to use less black....try a dark tone of one of the colors you are using, or the t-shirt color for lines and shadows instead. Most things arent absolute black. Also try to show a small version of your design on the preview shirt. its more aesthetically appealing than an empty circle showing placement.

All that said, the idea is cute and the composition is well done. Also, even though black isnt always the best choice on other shirt colors, the way you used it in morning ritual is great. Without that thick white line it would have been awesome. Still pretty good though. Keep it up.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

thanks everybody, and especially steven... while i am doing this because i enjoy it, i am so appreciative of the tips cause i'm always trying to learn, especially from those whose work i admire! thanks for all the nice comments and for being supportive of my work thus far. i'm definitely going to try some of the things that have been suggested to me :-)

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

holy cow. that's low. oh well. thanks for the support from everybody who liked this one. hopefully i'll do better next time. :-)

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