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yeah...pick "on" someone your own size.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

geez! I forgot to put the "on" word in it, well let's just say it like a monster does, forgetting all the grammars and stuff cuz it's ready to bite the hell out of its prey,hehehe, but thanks for the correction Carpal, i appreciated it :), and yeah! you have a good point there travioli, I wish I could have an option for that, great suggestions guys!


Actually, I think you can just lose the text entirely. $5


I really like this tshirt. It is so awesome! though... it does need the word "on" in it... either way I'm still voting $5! Cause I'd buy it anyway...

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

nice 5$


Same here - Lost the text and its perfect.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

yeah...the mommy thing isnt needed because of the shocked look on the godzilla-alien's kisser. Wouldn't it be funny if a smaller version of the alien was in the building's hand to mirror what you usually see gozilla do?

KDLIG profile pic Artist

yeah i wish i could get rid of the text, sorry if i don't have that proper english grammar,hehehe,well i guess this won't make a good score for printing anyway, i'll make it better next time, thanks for the support and for the suggestions :)


very funny


I love it. I would prefer if with the "on" on there. But still a $5 in my book.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

hey guys how about if I submit another one with two options in it, like the other one with the "on" word, and the other one with no text just "BRWAAAR!" and the "AAAHHH!" , what colors do you prefer?


get rid of the text and it's a $5 from me

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