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againstbound profile pic Artist

Came to me while i was in my car listening to stone sour and saw some pigeons on a power line.


love it 5$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

againstbound profile pic Artist

thanks a lot =), yeah, i know its subtle, i just didnt wanted it to be too obvious, i wanted it to be simple and aesthetic and carry within a musical meaning that the wearer can choos to share or keep =)


I'm a pianist, and I think it's clever. But if you hadn't mentioned it was music-related (and the shirt itself won't, of course), I don't think anyone would notice how the color pattern resembles a keyboard octave.

againstbound profile pic Artist

thanks a lot, but due to the vagueness (is that word correct) of the concept i´m not sure how well it would go, at least i hope it doesnt get dropped :/

againstbound profile pic Artist

thanks a lot, mmm averyone preffered the lower placement (me included) might be the clouds, but i thought they kinda lead you down to the birds

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

You had me at "i was listening to some stone sour."

Oh wait, that's where you lost me.

Also, this doesn't really imitate a piano very well.

againstbound profile pic Artist

thanks, and frickinawesome, its not supposed to imitate a piano, but to represent an octave of it, look it up =)

againstbound profile pic Artist

damn, everyone in citique liked the clouds, the original design didnt have them, oh and thanks =)

againstbound profile pic Artist

sorry abou that last comment, im usually nicer, i just havents slpet well all week, gotta take a nap now


love the idea, would love to see it on a light blue shirt too!


I like your idea... Perhaps bring the line of birds higher up onto the t-shirt and have some type of music-related activity happen underneath... like the cartoon representation of someone playing an instrument (a flute came to mind), but instead of the wavy music, you have the birds above/beside.

Or I'd have the birds singing while sitting on a washline on a sheet or piece of laundry that could suggest the shape of a piano, fluttering in the wind.

Savage Companion

I wish more people participated in critiques.


i really like this, and I would buy it because I play piano. It should almost say piano basics somewhere on the shirt, like on the back or something, but even without, hell yeah its awesome. Props.


Ohhhhh, I want this t-shirt like burning. 5 and a buy.


ooh, this is sweet. 5$ without the clouds, but i'll still give it a 5.

againstbound profile pic Artist

yeah, everyone in critique liked the clouds, im hearing complains til now, but still thank you all =)


Cool and bacteria infested.


I like the clouds too.

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