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Jebs profile pic Artist

Here is a modern story, that occured last week, in my town: As i needed identity photos, i was about to do some, when i saw this one, that the cat certainly forgot to take, when he leaved the scene (excuse my english, i'm french :-) ). Seriously, i hope that in the states, identity photos are like in France, done in robots/machines, in those format and size...if not, my joke will not be understood clearly...see you ;-)

bsweber profile pic Alumni

i like. i like.

ladykat profile pic Alumni


Je l'aime bien!


Excellent idea! I love the one with the pictures lined up vertically (on asphalt).

Jebs profile pic Artist

your french is improving fast eheheh) you didn't answer about the questions i asked, would you? :-)


I like the vertical stripe. That's what I think of when I think of booth photos.

Jebs profile pic Artist

yes, the fact is in vertical, it's easier to get the story, i agree. Thanks for comments!

Jebs profile pic Artist

ahah, les 15 derniers jours, à fond! mais là, j'ai une gross panne d'inspiration ^^ thanks everybody, i was worried about how photo booths work in the states, i'm happy people get the idea ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

i think, if it's only a 4 panel comicn that the joke doesn't work the same, because, here, you just imagine the scene occuring while the mouse just wanted to have great pictures :-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

ahah ^^ thanks! you will see that i love to make experiments on each new design, always trying to learn, and to create different designs...


This concept rocks! The mouse's profile shot needs some work, though. 5$




i think there should be one more picture of just the mouse, before he realizes there is a cat coming maybe making a silly face or something... just to get the point across more that it's a photo booth, not just a 4 frame comic. 5 squares would be more attractive to me... but yeah, definitely vertical.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks for comments! vertical is much appreciated i see, but in a way, i agree, because, it's less "comic style", and more a photo booth.


yoplait. great.

Jebs profile pic Artist

eheh, you say: "ca m'a fait hurler de rire or "ca m'a fait mourir de rire" ;-) thanks everybody

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

all i can say is that's one big-ass mouse compared to the size of the cat! And i agree that the fight panel needs to be a bit more looney toons-ish and bigger. But nice job otherwise man...I've been wondering when Threadless will print one of these photo-booth strip shirts.

Jebs profile pic Artist

eheh, i was pretty sure that somebody would tell me about the size, obviously, the proportions are a bit off, but it was the only solution for this design (the mouse would have been too tiny)... for the print, well, i don't believe this design will have his chance, but anyway, it's always a pleasure to sub here ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

fuaijie, what do you mean, make a shirt of this???

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