Photography makes me traveling in time

Design by bonybunz

Photography makes me traveling in time by bonybunz on Threadless
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This design is full of romanticism and smell like flowers, like flowers from another age. I wanted to share with you the poesy inside a flower bouquet with a bit of photographic grain. The grain is 100% chemical and not digital so you can touch it, it is totally safe and nice !

About the picture I used : I have been using analog cameras for a while. What I enjoy the most in analog cameras is the ability to be sometimes transport into old times. This is what happened with this shoot. I shoot this flowers at office thinking "nothing last, tomorrow they'll be gone" and few days after when I get my pictures printed I didn't see the flowers I shooted : I saw flowers from 1970. I swear I didn't use any photoshopian trick just an old camera and an out-of-date film

This picture has been taken with an old ZenitE camera (old hammer from Russia) that my dad gave to me few years ago..

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