phatty pinners

Design by ekaj47

phatty pinners by ekaj47 on Threadless
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i really like the text, but not the graphic. plus i hate smoking.


this makes me frown and say "what the bear?!"


But I give it 4, for the bloodshot eyes... hahahaha.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

dudes and dudettes - relax - i know this is threadless and i know they would have declined it if they wanted to, maybe they just figured all you threadlesseeeees would shit can it after just a day but your making it worse than it is - he is smoking a smaller version of himself if you look closer - attached is a larger image- do none of you bowl at all anymore?smoking and drinking go hand in hand with bowling!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

well actually its not illegal in denver, CO in america, not illegal in many places in europe... and its talked about quite bit on tv and movies and isnt crit., so you cant rag on it for being all that illegal.
second, if you dont like smoking dont vote... i dont like jesus shirts but i dont give it a poor score, i hit the skip submission button, thats why its there.

now as for the design... its all good except for the eyes, mouth, and joint... they look like afterthoughts compared to the rest.
2... 4 if you fixed those things

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

I can't imagine smoking going 'with' bowling, especially when it's illegal to smoke indoors in plenty of states. That said, incredibly juvenile.


PEOPLE! Don't you know anything? Although the small pin-shaped item in his mouth may appear similar to a blunt, it's obvious by the bloodshot eyes and the word "phatty" that it is just a normal cigarette. I can't believe you would misinterpret that. Now go fetch my Doritos.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

It's not the type of shirt I would ever wear. The design is ok, but the eyes are really bad and the text, yuck. Look at the P's in Phatty and Pinners. It's clearly a font that has been warped pretty badly. Next time use the Type on a Path tool with a circle.

Big Ed

Pot or tobacco, I'd still love the design better if he wasn't smoking, even though the bloodshot eyes are funny.

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