Phallic Triptych

Design by SuperPope

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If you've ever been an art student involved in a class critique (or if you've ever looked at any of bananaphone's submissions here on Threadless) you've probably experienced this.

Invariably, somebody at some point finds it necessary to say, "That composition features some rather prominent phallic elements." They think it makes them sound smart. But the truth is, there's nothing intelligent about pointing out that every vaguely cylindrical object resembles a penis. Unless, of course, it was obviously the artist's intention for you to make that coorelation.


if you had a couple more phallic items you could almost spell out pen15

SuperPope profile pic Artist

Yeah, there were a lot of options, but I wanted to pick just three to represent animal, vegetable, and mineral.

The daikon radish -- probably the oldest cultivated vegetable in the world -- even has an ancient Japanese folk song devoted to how it looks like a penis. Remember that when you're on Jeopardy.

Montro profile pic Alumni

I really dig your style. EXCELLENT choice of colors.
You know what you're doing and for that a 5$


if youve never thought any of these items resembled a penis then you are a lying sack of garbage.

awesome 5

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