Pet the Pet

Design by themissy

Pet the Pet by themissy on Threadless
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I like the design a lot. I just don't know what the design has to do with the theme. I guess I need to know what pet. means.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I like the title with the illustration, but if you were going to have text then it seems like you needed the whole "pet the pet". I also think without any text at all, the image would almost look like a dead cat... and I don't think you want that. Keep the text, just work on finding the best wording for you and maybe make the text smaller. Nice shirt and illustration.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

It looks like you were intending a double entendre, and a rather crude one at that. If that wasn't what you wanted to say, you should look into refining the text.

The illustration is okay, looks like you were basing it off of a photo. The shadows are well rendered for the most part, but like forecast mentioned, the right back leg needs a little more definition. It's a cute idea that has a market, but given threadless' past selections, I'd say this is unlikely to get printed. Good luck in the voting, though.

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