Pet Of Nature

Design by Flying Mouse 365

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ndikol profile pic Alumni

nice :D :D :D

Jemae profile pic Alumni

beautiful piece! 5$! :))

xiaobaosg profile pic Alumni



i am really getting sick of you, flying mouse. i mean, your designs are good, but they're just so soulless. This is not "Design Factory" where the person with the most semi-interesting tshirts wins.

OK, just try this. Instead of submitting 23 designs this week, take the week off. Work on ONE design for a whole week. make it really good. Make some bleeding panda robot listening to an ipod, dematerializing into a willow tree, and making some thinly veiled liberal statement about biking to work or some shit and maybe I'll give a fuck.

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

Iron is very ironic!I think what FM is doing is really interesting idea and he's just pushing his limits which is great!And yes they are some I like better and some I don't but he has 74 designs so far and they are all worthy of submitting and most of them of printing so we should all give this man a credit for that!

randyotter3000 profile pic Alumni

IronmanATL to go off on flying mouse isnt a great thing to do because keeping a high standard on so many designs isnt an easy thing to do, also if you see some of the shitty things being submitted lately and compare it to his work then you might have a bit more respect to him, plus he has just got printed so hes doing something right :)

Flying Mouse 365
Flying Mouse 365 profile pic Artist

Ironman, I clearly know what I doing now, I think one design don't need a 7 days to done, it was wasted time. And I can do whatever I like, no one can stop me. Unless you pay me a salary.


I think your work is great ! Keep going !

Flying Mouse 365
Flying Mouse 365 profile pic Artist

And Ironman, don't sound like I must listen to you. You are not my boss.

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Yup! You're amazing!! This work is crazy GOOD!!!


Love it! Great!

sebasebi profile pic Alumni

muy buena ilustracion
me gusta

agrimony profile pic Alumni

keep it going FM. im not sick of you. yet =P dont think i will be anyway. excellent stuff.

buko profile pic Alumni

amazing 5$


Pretty ! ! !

Dr MonA

Still So Astounding!

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