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nathanwpyle at
nathanwpyle at profile pic Artist

Outside of shaving my cat, I have done all of these things.

WAIT for the slow animation to see a few color options and placement.

Thanks to all you cool people who helped critique my design!

If I can figure out how, I'm going to put a higher res version on my profile page.


cool idea, but by first looking you can not really see what letter is chosen


haha! Some wacky multiple choices here.


or maybe im just too stupid ^^

krokun profile pic Alumni

This is great, but I'm sure it would take more effort to shave the cat than clean up the hair...If it were up to me I would have wrapped the cat in cling film (leaving necessary openings uncovered of course) just because I too am awesome. 5$ though.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Very Funny stuff
and nicely done too!!


Haha, this is super! Would totally buy it if it was printed.


I think the blow-dryer part kind of ruins it for the guys.


Oh, and so does the urinal for the girls. Maybe it could have been a regular toilet.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

so good! hahaha
I don't get the bathroom one, though. Too lazy to wash your hands, so you sabotage the urinal?

OH WAIT, you flush it with your foot.

I get it.

ahhahaha $5.


The shaved cat does it for me. Good stuff!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

haaa..this make me laugh,,,,great one!!! Result: You are totally awesome with ideas! $5


lmao 5$ id buy it

ndikol profile pic Alumni

hehehehe funny..


Haha! This is great. I like it on green.


Hahaha I flush with my feet all the timeee man. This is cool :P

nathanwpyle at
nathanwpyle at profile pic Artist

Thanks! Yes, I do too. And then I wash my hands anyway. Truth be told.

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

lol your name is a gmail account

nathanwpyle at
nathanwpyle at profile pic Artist

I know! And it's really my name too. Makes it easier to remember.

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

I dig your infographic btw


Wwooww... Nniiccee iiddeeaa!


you are awesome! 5$

nathanwpyle at
nathanwpyle at profile pic Artist

The best way to prove to her that you are awesome is to buy the shirt.

nathanwpyle at
nathanwpyle at profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the love! A new design drops later this week...


Is this the mystery design?

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