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Persian Phoenix

Design by legofish

Persian Phoenix by legofish on Threadless
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2352 Votes
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  • 2.53 Avg Score
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legofish profile pic Artist
thanks. the orange shape is actually the word "Persia" done in Persian calligraphy.
Dr. Elusis
My god, beautiful. I would just like it on a different color shirt, something that compliments the design and theme more.
I signed up to threadless just to score this design. I love it! And, I want this shirt RIGHT NOW! ;-)
Great Job!
Gorgeous design; I just wish it was placed on the other shoulder. That's just personal aesthetic, though. I'd still definitely wear it.
$5. Very nice work. The t-shirt color could be a different color, but I'm not sure what.
Ricky Animation
Did you do any research for the persian designs, cause if you did, good job. You can never go wrong with research and reference. BUt man, your design is awesome, one the best Ive seen. Really inspiring. I'd buy it. Hope it gets printed dude! Can't wait to see what you do next! Keep up the good work!
lovely, will definitely buy it. $5
Manos profile pic Alumni
tesco profile pic Alumni
I take it back, these are real comments from his fanclub! lol so sorry dude
(matthijs) profile pic Alumni
this fanclub? and about the shirt, it's pretty well executed, but looks too much like a shirt you can buy just about everywhere
bortwein profile pic Alumni
why are 90% of the comments by new new new users that have only voted on 1 submission and have an average score of 5?
Absolutely Great.
legofish profile pic Artist
thanks for all the comments and i'm glad you like the design. To Bortwein and a few others who seem to think the comments are fake I must say there's a thing called 'promoting your design' which I have been able to do successfully. I have posted my design on my weblog and several high traffic sites (with mainly Persian readership) and managed to get it out to many people to see. That's why new users who saw the design there and liked it are signing up here to vote for it. I'm going to write a blog post on my threadless blog and explain further. In the mean time if you still have a hard time believing this you can try asking threadless to give you the IP list of all the commenters.
Reilly Stroope
Reilly Stroope profile pic Alumni
I am persian, and I would like to say that I love this design as much as persian law will allow.
staffell profile pic Alumni
your IPersian address will give you away!
wow thats just crazy. you're pathetic.
not Persian.. but still..$5! great design.
legofish I kinda like nickaix's idea about having the logo small-printed on the back too. Also once you've submitted this is it possbile to change the shirt colour? Although I have to say I quite like the gray.
Reilly Stroope
Reilly Stroope profile pic Alumni
This is the best design ever, and I am persian.
Reilly Stroope
Reilly Stroope profile pic Alumni
Then you are not a true persian.
legofish profile pic Artist
Denti, this is not an art forum and I haven't posted this design here to look for "constructuve criticism". As far as Threadless is concerned the voting/commenting system is there to gauge people's interest in the shirt and get an idea of how it would sell. And judging by the comments, there's an awful lot of people who want to buy it. Spires, no. I'm sure Threadless wouldn't fall for it if the comments were fake.
I ike it.
Hey,very nice. How can I buy this T-shirt? Payande Iran.
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