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it is amazing.

Frank Vice

man im going to be poor if all of these get printed! $5


pretty neat!


I'm sorry - great execution, but I still find the concept depressing and creepy.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

13strong, I understood what you meant. But I prefer positive thinking, let's face it and put a effort together to chase our dream ;)

Thanks for all comments so far!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

How about Health? I'm not sure what is your goal in your life.
I won't expect all people like my design. Anyhow, thanks for you comment:)


i like it, add a touch of color to the tie?


your kind of on fire - non stop goodness from you- good stuff

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great concept! 5$


"All this negativity"

?? Most people here love this design. There has been negativity from... three posters? Including myself.

My negativity stems from the fact that I find this a boring, depressing, corporate, soulless, unrealistic, materialistic, shallow, cookie-cutter understanding of "the ideal life".

It doesn't come close to representing my idea of a "perfect life", and it doesn't reflect the hopes or aspirations of many other people I know. In fact, I actually find this kind of automatonic slavery to material and conservative ideas of happiness pretty disgusting.

But as I have said a million times before - that's me. And I think Flying Mouse is an extremely good designer. The art here is great. I'm sure this will do well.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration. I like the stoned, almost possessed look on his face. Like he has fully succedded in life by being brainwashed; a zombie of corporate worker bees. And he is ok with it. At peace. Because he is possessed. And it does not even matter because look at all of his luxeries! Do wish the lines in the flippers connected more & looked more...flipper-like. 4

mezo profile pic Alumni

It's interesting how 13strong and I have totally different interpretations of this design. He thinks it's promoting the upper middle class, cookie-cutter lifestyle....and I think it's mocking it. Hm.


I'm not a hater! I just don't like the design!

And I really don't see any indication in this that it's a joke, or that it is in any way supposed to be mocking the corporate materialist dream.

The guy looks happy, content, and this may just be me, slightly smug. I wish it was mocking it.


My impression was completely different. I don't see it as mocking or endorsing the suburban ideal. When I was younger I would have been appalled; now that I'm older, I wonder how long I'll have to toil to get a vacation to anywhere; a car that doesn't break down every few months; money enough that I'm not always scared of the next big crisis (roof leaking, a/c going out, etc); food that is actually healthy for me rather than just convenient; time for exercising so I don't turn completely to's all very real. Sure it's sad and materialistic. I should know. I never expected my life to turn out this way, being such an idealistic and rebellious kid. But when does anyone have time for all the lofty aspirations, in between changing diapers and dragging off to work to pay the bills? In seeking merely to stay afloat, we succumb to the stereotype, like it or not.


mephitine - so why does the guy in the image look a) so young and b) so happy?

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

The guy in this design is with a POSITVE THINKING, he wrote down his target for his life and go for his goal, do you think this is wrong?

hogboy profile pic Alumni

haha this is great! Fantastic execution!


Aw Gaff, don't let it ruin your day!

But I agree, there's no irony here. I guess if Mezo or anyone else wants to see irony in it, or wear it in an ironic way (I mean, this design couldn't be more different from my aspirations / life), then that's cool.

And the fact that so many people love it, and seem to recognise this guy in themselves, suggests that it stands a damn good chance of being printed, which is fine. This is a semi-democratic site, after all.

I suggest any more discussion of the message in these t-shirt takes place in the blog forums. No need to bog down the comments, design criticisms and praise with more abstract discussion.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Art is all about individual interpretations, ya'll.


i like this idea a lot!


I really like the idea =) I hope this wins! -nar


I wish there was a chick in a suit, too. :(
And I disagree with alex up there. It's hilairous and ironic.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

13strong should post more in this...
5! This is awesome and I love how many different interpretations there are on this.

I saw it as a man I'll never be. And I thought it was pretty funny actually.


something about the dude's face is off. it's a little too... clipart. But otherwise, I dig the concept and the design. If the guy looks a tad more realistic, this would be a five n buy. As for now it's a four.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

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