people in the sky

Design by impossiblejosh

people in the sky


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I love it, the design, the colors, well done.


get rid of the hand!@ I love the little guys =) 4

danrule profile pic Alumni

I like this, but if you did the clouds the way you did to give depth, I don't think that is working.
As is, the clouds feel very abrupt, like a quick collage and they completely dominate the image.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Very cool, nice drawn and nice colours. Although I have some reservations about the amount of shapes in the clouds (it's a bit too much) it's still very nice. A 5!

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is an interesting piece of art. I like most f it and there's no doubt it looks "threadlessy"...but the odd spaces in the clouds distract.

I wish the angular areas weren't so abrupt, is there any way you can make them more curved?


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