penguins and polar bears

Design by nomixedcoinsplease

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this shirt helps you to remember where penguins and polar bears live - so you never make it wrong again.
its written on a school chalk board to give it the right look.


I think it would look better on a green shirt, with the shirt being the chalkboard. But I like it.


I love this. I hate all the gift wrap etc that shows polar bears and penguins together. Thanks.

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If a polar bear in an old-school school marm outfit was pointing to the polar bear drawing and line and an equally old-school penguin school marm was doing the same on the penguin side, I'd be hip-hopping all over this one.


I'd totally wear this everywhere!

(Random trivia of the day: The word "arctic" actually means "with bears". And "antarctic"? "Without bears".)


Adding to the vote for no chalkboard outline.


i like the chalk board thing, just not on a yellow shirt. I give it a 5.


ya better on green shirt


What about having the penguin writing upside down to match the picture of the penguins? It would complete the quirkiness of the penguins being upside down

Good shirt.


i dont think you need the text for people to understand it


Very cute, but all that ink would get icky-feeling on your chest, and probably crack. I agree with the green shirt idea. Concept = A+


Yeah, green shirt would rule, but this is so great anyway, love it!

nomixedcoinsplease profile pic Artist

Thanks a lot for the positive comments! Its only my first submission - so it feels good that people actually like it.


yep on green w/o text nice!


"Chalkboards" are black over here and are called, get this, black boards. I'd still buy the t-shirt, though :)

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