Peeping Peep?

Design by zipperking

Peeping Peep? by zipperking on Threadless
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zipperking profile pic Artist

Everyone has a dirty little secret...


awwww this shirt is adorable....i'd buy it! gave it $5


Great idea. It's a little hard to tell that the other peep is looking in through a window though. Without the title, I might just think it's a picture on the wall.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I think you should add curtains to make it more window-like. Consider putting the peeping bird in a tree.


steviec, it doesn't update in realtime, you need to give it a little time...


I thought it was a picture on the wall too, you might have to add in some leaves and make it look more like a window, perhaps with some reflection on it.

zipperking profile pic Artist

Sorry, I was unware of the previous sub, if I had known I would have kept this one for myself.


Fix the current window with a sill and window lock, and you've got yourself a winner.


i agree with marivic9. this is adorable. the art is great as well as the idea.
a definate buy if you made the peep looking through the window more obvious. i thought it was a portrait at first.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This one is WAAAAY better than the other peeping candy one. I love the fact the peeper is in a harsh blue light. This is the peeping with a peep concept done as well as it will probably ever be done. 4$ for this and hopefully the end of people trying to nail this concept down.


Aww!? This is so adorable!! 5$


Make the window look like a window!

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